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- Peter M. McSwiggin, Founder
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About Us


The Section 8 Administrators Association was founded in 1978, by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals for the purpose of providing a forum for other Administrators to improve management and administrative skills for the effective management of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Until today, many of the original founders are still active members, some serving as either Officers or Board Members, and continue to provide input and understanding for new Administrators as program requirements change over the years. Through education, hands-on training, communication and advocacy efforts, the Association has continued to grow throughout the years to a membership of 135 Public Housing Agencies in the States of Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine.


Membership is voluntary, with monthly workshops and/or meetings, designed to address the needs of its members. Membership fees are determined by a sliding scale based on the number of vouchers a housing authority administers. Members of the Associations are Executive Directors, Leased Housing Administrators and Social Service Staff, who provide either day-to-day administration of the program or who are involved in the policy decisions of the Housing Authority’s Administrative Plan.


The continuing goals and objectives of the Association is to provide an opportunity for members to voice their concern, share their ideas and advocate for improvements in the overall management and administration of the Voucher Programs as well as Programs such as Family Self-Sufficiency, Homeownership, Enhanced Vouchers, Project Based, Main Stream and Moderate Rehab.

Officers and Board members continue to seek out within its membership the issues of greatest concern and obtain answers whenever possible by inviting representatives from HUD and other professionals to attend monthly meetings.


The Association maintains communications with various State, Federal and Local Agencies which include the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, National NAHRO, Massachusetts NAHRO, NERC NAHRO, Nan McKay & Associates and others, to research and develop, as well as facilitate training, education, advocacy and public relations within the States and communities.

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