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"Serving New England
and the Nation"
- Peter M. McSwiggin, Founder
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HCV Portability
Please register by February 26, 2024

AffordableHousing.com and Learning Collider
Who Should Attend: Leased Housing Staff and their supervisors

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Annual Awards

Founder Award is presented by our founder Peter McSwiggin. The Founder is responsible for choosing this prestigious award to the individual or organization that he feels has provided the most assistance to the Association during the year.

Association Award is presented by the President. The Board of Directors vote for the individual or organization that they feel has provided the highest level of assistance and commitment to the membership as a whole during the past year.

President Award is be presented by the President. The President of the Board of Directors chooses the individual of the President’s award each year. The President presents the award to the individual or organization that has been most helpful to the President during the year.

Award Winners

Founder Award - Catherine Luna
Association Award - David Gleich
President Award - no award given out

Founder Award - Salem Housing Authority
Association Award - Maribeth Cunningham and Debbie Saba
President Award - Joanne Toomey

Founder Award - Judge Thaddeus "Ted" Buczko
Association Award - Caileen Foley
President Award - Joseph D'Ascoli

Founder Award - Hilary Clinton
Association Award - Steve Merritt
President Award - Anne Darcy

Founder Award - Thomas J. Connelly, Jr.
Association Award - Linda DeProfio
President Award - Jonathan Zimmerman

Founder Award - Ted Kennedy
Association Award - Meg Shea
President Award - Kevin Harriman

Founder Award - Jean A. Levesque, former of Salem
Association Award - Mannette Donovan & Candace Loewen
President Award - Rick Leco

Founder Award - Joan Pimental
Association Award - Marilyn O'Sullivan, & Angela Marcolina, & Laura Ryan
President Award - Michael Lazdowsky

Founder Award - Donna Brown
Association Award - Yvonne Fuller, & Robert Cwieka
President Award - Diane Cohen

Founder Award - Gov. Deval Patrick
Association Award - Steve Kutny
President Award - Deborah Saba
Founder Award - Congressman John Tierney
Association Award - David Gleich
President Award - Sandra Henriquez, & Paula Saba

Founder Award - John Greco
Association Award - Paul Fireman & Tom Connelly & State Rep Michael Kane & Taylor Caswell
President Award - Joanne Toomey

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